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What is 5S System? 5S Methodology .

 What is 5S System? 5S Methodology .

5S System is the practice to develop positive attitude among workers and cultivates an environment of efficiency, effectiveness and economy.
5s System is a responsibility of all not only of a concern person.
5S is a small group activity as part of the organization.


5S System :


The 5s method applies standard housekeeping practices in the workplace. It help improve efficiency by eliminating waste, improving flow and reducing the number of processes where possible. A visual workplace system that promotes safety, efficiency and teamwork.


  • Office
  • Food Manufacturing
  • Healthcare
  • System
  • Everywhere.

5S System: ( Japanese word ) & ( English ).
1S :  Seiri / Sort : 
2S :  Seiton / Set in order :
3S :  Seiso / Shine :
4S :  Seiketsu / Standardize :
5S :  Shitsuku / Sustain :

5S Organization Cleanliness:

Sort : Eliminate or Remove what is not needed & keep what is needed.

Set in order : Arrange essential items in order for easy access.

Shine : Keep thinks clean and tidy : no trash or dirt in the workplace (clean for inspection).

Standardize : Establish standards and guidelines to maintain a clean workplace.

Sustain : Makes 5S habit and teach others to maintain the correct procedure.

Advantages :

  • Reduce non- value adding activities.
  • Improve safety.
  • Better visual management.
  • Eliminate mistakes from employees, suppliers etc.
  • Improve quality.
  • Boosts morale.
  • Improved company image.



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