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KitKat V Coming Soon...( KitKat Vegan) 2021.

 KitKat V Coming Soon...( KitKat Vegan) 2021. Nestlé in 2021 brings a good news for the all plant based fans around the world by introducing the new version of KitKat vegan. Vegan meaning: Vegan diet is defines as it is a type of vegetarian diet base on wide variety of whole plant foods but vegan diet exclude animal and their by products known as a "vegan". Ex: Fruits, Vegetables, whole grains, legumes, nuts, oilseeds. Vegan excludes :Sugar, Alcohol, Honey, Fig, Milk etc.  Nestlé chocolate experts from confectionary research & development center in York, UK worked hard to make a vegan version that would live up tp the high expectations of KitKat lovers everywhere in the world. Nestlé open up the new way for vegan lovers by bringing vegan KitKat chocolate.  The new vegan KitKat called "KitKat V" with the delicious plant-based option nestle delivers the perfect balance between crispy wafers and smooth chocolate that definitely attracts fans. "KitKat V product

RTE ( Ready-To-Eat ).

RTE ( Ready-To-Eat ).  RTE :   Ready-To-Eat foods are those food products which is in the edible form without additional preparation by the food service or it's in the consumed form known as a ready-to-eat food.  RTE should be in edible form without any additional preparation steps. It is a group of food products that are pre-cooked, mostly packed & ready for consumption without prior cooking. RTE (Ready-To-Eat) foods rely on acidic conditions to inhibit the growth of pathogens. Ex: Hot dog, Luncheon meats, Dry sausage, Fermented sausage, Desserts, Salad etc. L. manocytogenes, Salmonella, E. coli, C. botulinum etc. Bacteria can survive & grow under the acidic conditions. The low acidic food range is pH>4.5 (UK) pH>4.6 (USA). Low acid food can allow growth of C. botulinum. In canned food "Botulinum Cook" process is given for low acid foods that means heat treatment given at 121 ℃ for 3 minutes to control C. botulinum.  Ex: Idli, Dosa, Pav bhaji, Meat produc

A Complete Guide To Cleaning and Sanitizing Chopping Board/Cutting Board.

A Complete Guide To Cleaning and Sanitizing Chopping Board/Cutting Board.  This is the standard procedure of cleaning & sanitation of cutting boards additional steps are necessary to ensure effective cleaning & sanitation of cutting board. It's the best way to prevent contamination from chopping boards. Cutting board are by far the highest risk item in the kitchen because all foods coming into contact with these items. Therefore, the cutting boards need their own cleaning procedure.   Everybody needs to understand how to clean & maintain sanitation process in kitchen area, it's a key component of having a safe food. This is the standard procedure of cleaning & sanitation of cutting boars. Why Chopping Board Cleaning & Sanitation Is Necessary: Chopping board or cutting boards are one of the most commonly used tools during food preparation. It's necessary to clean & sanitize on regular basis to prevent cross-contamination. Procedure: Step : 1 Scrape  R

Difference Between Cassia & Cinnamon.

 Difference Between Cassia & Cinnamon. Cassia: Aromatic bark of an east Asian tree. From southern china. Thick. Contains higher amount of cinnamaldehyde. Dark reddish brown. Hard bark difficult to break. Mostly used in USA & Canada. Hard bark difficult to break. Cassia powder is reddish brown & coarse. It can be toxic for regular use. Has a strong hotter flavor. Thick single layers stick. Much cheaper. Coumarin content 5-6%. Fake cinnamon. Spicy taste & pungent aroma. Hard texture. Cinnamon: Aromatic spice made from the peeled, dried & rolled bark of a southern Asian tree. From srilanka & southern india. Contains a low amount of cinnamaldehyde. Thin. Contains a low amount of cinnamaldehyde. Tan brown. Made of thin fragile layers like cigar. Mostly used in Europe & Mexico. Cinnamon powder is tan & smooth. Has fewer coumarin 7 is better for regular use. Has a mild flavor. Fragile/slender sticks. Expensive. Coumarin content 0.04%. True cinnamon. Sweet, deli