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FSSAI Reduces Trans Fat Levels In Food 2021.

FSSAI Reduces Trans Fat Levels In Food 2021.

Trans Fat

Trans fat is a form of unsaturated fat associated with a number of negative health impacts. Trans fat can also be found both the sources Natural & Artificial.

Natural Trans Fat:

Natural Trans Fat can also be found naturally in meat & dairy.

Artificial Trans Fat:

Artificial Trans Fat created during hydrogenation which converts the liquid vegetable oils into semi-solid form, partially hydrogenated oil.
Trans Fat can increase LDL (Bad Cholesterol) levels while lowering HDL (Good Cholesterol) level.
WHO ( world health organization) approximately 540,000 death each year can be attributed to intake of industrially produced trans fatty acids. High Trans Fat intake can increase the risk of death from any cause by 34%. Coronary heart disease death by 28%. Coronary heart disease by 21%. Eliminating trans fat is key to protect health & saving lives.
  • In 2018, india made a public commitment to get rid of trans fatty acids from its food system by 2022.
  • According to the previous study published in the January 2016 issue of journal of health economic. Cutting trans fat from daily intake may extend life. 
  • India is committed to elimination of industrial trans fat in fats/oils & in food containing fat/oil in a phase manner.
  • Trans fat content in fats /oils has already been limited to 5%.
  • The notification to further reduce it to 3% by 2021 & to 2% by 2022 is under process.
  • FSSAI will address this as well before January 2022 to eliminate trans fatty acids from the Indian platter.
  • WHO also called for global elimination of trans fat by 2023.


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