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FSSAI'S Revised Standard For Bottled Water/ Packaged Drinking Water 2021.

FSSAI'S Revised Standard For Bottled Water/ Packaged Drinking Water 2021.

As minerals are consider vital for the health. Minerals are those elements in foods which need by body to develop and function normally. The essential minerals for healthy life include calcium, potassium, iron, magnesium etc.

The National Green Tribunal (NGT) asked the FSSAI to explore the possibility of making a provision for the addition of certain minerals in packaged drinking water, because minerals removed from water during filtration process.

According to the food Safety and Standard (Food Products Standard and Food Additives) fourth amendment regulation 2019, the mandatory regulation of calcium and magnesium in packaged drinking water has been set at 20-75 mg per liter and in the average of 10-30mg/liter respectively. 

In this year 1 July 2020, FSSAI decided to implement new packaged drinking water but because of these COVID-19 decided to extend 1 January 2021. A new regulation or guidelines from FSSAI now pushing all the drinking water manufactures to add calcium and magnesium as per FSSAI guidelines.

The new regulations of FSSAI definitely change the formulation of all packaged drinking water all over the india, it is a essential process to make the water more safer for human consumption & it's beneficial for those consumers who drink packaged water. Manufacturers of packaged drinking water needs to ensure that their product contain line with the limits set by the Food Safety Authority.


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