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FSSAI Overhauls labelling, display norms; makes displaying of expiry date mandatory 2020.

 FSSAI Overhauls labelling, display norms; makes displaying of  expiry date mandatory 2020.

Food companies who supplying packaged food need to display use by or expiry date instead of 'Best Before.' From the January 1st 2022 the nutritional information or nutritional fact ( nutritional value) on the principal displayed panel in biggest font size and also ensure the name of food with classification symbol of vegetarian & non vegetarian on the front side of the food packet.

Expiry date or Use-by date : Recommended 'last consumption or expiry date' Means the date which signifies the end of the estimated period under any stated condition, after which the food shall not be sold.

Best before: Best before means the date which signifies the end of the period under any stated storage condition during which the food shall remains fully marketable & shall retain any specific qualities for which tacit or express claims have been made by beyond that date, the food may still be perfectly safe to consumers, though its quality ay  be have diminished however the food shall not be sold if at any stage the product become unsafe.

Nutritional : Nutritional value means nutritional facts per 100gm or 100ml or per serving of the food product shall be given on the label containing.

Principal display panel : Means that part of the container/package which is intended or likely to be displayed or present or shown or examined by the customer under normal & customary condition of display, sale or purchase of the commodity contained there in.

Vegetarian food: Means any article of food other than non-vegetarian food as defined in regulation.

Non-vegetarian food: Means an article of food which contains whole or part of any animal including birds, fresh or marine water animals or egg or egg products of any animal origin but excluding milk & milk products as an ingredients.

FSSAI notified that the new labelling & display regulation, for the 1st time defined the age of the children for the food industry as below 18 years.

Industry concerns:

After the long drawn consultation process FSSAI finalized these regulations. In line with of  the juvenile justice act industry raised the concern as below 18 years. As per the juvenile justice acts  There is no logic behind the defining of  children's age and as per the senior industry executive said food companies need to re-haul their marketing strategies if this implemented.

One more senior industry executive pointed out that to meet the new norms food company will need to re-designed their packaging material as per prescribed in the norms for the principal displaying panel.

Regulation stated Date of expiry or date of manufacture/ use by shall be declared  on the label and best before can also  used as optional.

Industry also raised concerns about this provision too stating that it will not be feasible to display expiry date like the pharma industries.

Caloric Value:

Café & restaurants having central license will need to mention caloric value against food items on board or menu cards or booklets etc.

The regulation also have put certain labelling prohibitions for calories like edible oils & packaged drinking water companies cannot make Claus concerning medicinal effect on the labels. 


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