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Sea Moss Benefits & Sea Moss Gel Recipe with Nutritional Facts 2020.

Sea Moss Benefits & Sea Moss gel Recipe with Nutritional Facts 2020.

Why to Buy Sea Moss?

Sea moss is a secret weapon for the immunity. Sea moss naturally comes in a few different colors .Sea moss is a type of  sea weed  that grows easily in a tropical water. Sea moss is getting too much attention now a days because of it's nutrition & health benefits. Sea moss is a type of algae, which has been part of the human diet for thousand of the year. It is used as a food & beauty ingredients.

Sea Moss Health Benefits :

  • Sea Moss contains 92 minerals .
  • Helps in maintain healthy weight .
  • Support healthy immune system & fights infection .
  • Improves metabolism .
  • Support the oxygenation of cells .
  • Nourish & beautifies skin, hair & nails .
  • Builds strong bones & strengthens connective tissue .
  • Promotes mental & emotional health .
  • Controls cholesterol levels .
  • Promotes regular thyroid function .
  • Fights anemia .
  • Purifies the blood .
  • Anti-diabetic .

How to Make Sea Moss Gel( Recipe) :

Ingredients :

- Dried Sea Moss 1 cup (packet).
- 1 cup water (spring water).
-  Fruit juice or flavor  


  • Thoroughly wash Sea Moss with the filtered water do not use tap water because sea moss is dried, it will soak up some water when it is washed. You want to do this to avoid soaking up chemicals that are in your tap water .Make sure in first wash you get as much of the sand, salt & other impurities off from sea moss.

  • After cleaning the sea moss, place the sea moss in a large bowl and cover it with water. Make sure that all the sea moss covered and allow it to soak for at least 12-24 hours at room temperature.

  • After completion of soaking (12-24 hours) drain all the water you will observed that it lost some color become translucent & expanded 3 times of its original size.


  • Add all the sea moss into blender with some fresh water (add water as per your requirement how much thick gel you need) & blend it till smooth consistency .
  • Sea moss having no taste if you want it to have a taste you can blend it with fruit juice or flavors.


  • Pour it into a glass jar fitted with top lid (do not use plastic or other material's jar). 
  • The shelf life of the sea moss will be 3-4 weeks in a refrigerated condition. It may extend to 1-2 month in a freezing condition. 

Nutritional Fact :


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