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Weight Loss Foods and Tips 2020

Weight Loss Foods and Tips 2020. There are some evidence based food which may help you in weight loss .A higher protein and low carbohydrate foods contributes to weight loss.  Weight Loss Foods are as Follows  Eggs Green Tea Fish Leafy Green Vegetables Whole grains  Legumes and Beans Berries Grapefruits Honey

Immunity Booster During COVID-19 (CORONA) 2020 .

Immunity Booster During  COVID-19  (CORONA) 2020 .                       To boost immunity its important to take right kind of foods in the right quantities. Foods that contains vitamin C are huge immune boosters for flue, cold and infections. Some of immune boosters are as follows: Citrus fruits Turmeric Cardamom Black Seeds Fenugreek  Clove Black Pepper Ginger Cinnamon Honey Basil Neem